HL Thorne & Co Ltd is the UK's premier Master Alloys Trading Company. We pride ourselves on our service and our partnerships. We recognise that these two factors are utmost in the minds of our partners in the business community.

We consistently offer market leading value and benchmark customer service. Whatever your specification requirements, volume requirements, or whatever form you may require material in, HL Thorne & Co Ltd have the knowledge and experience to deliver for you time after time. We recognise that your business requires certainty and consistency of supply, simply put, we do not make promises we cannot deliver. Our reputation for integrity is our most valued possession.

Our partners are diverse in their application and their size. We can supply from a few tonnes to a niche works to multi-national, large volume contracts. Each partner is treated with the same respect and excellent customer service.

We have the knowledge and experience of decades of domestic and global trade. Please view our site to get further information of how we can help you.

We are registered holder of the quality standard
BS EN ISO 9001:2008

We are proud to be a part of the HL Thorne & Co group of companies
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